“Gladly Granted”


In the cloister between the sanctuary and parish hall are two windows. The one on the left contains a large pane from Canterbury Cathedral, “gladly granted” to Appleyard by the Dean and Chapter in 1943. (Window 5). In response to Rev. Insley’s 1987 trip, the current Dean of Canterbury wrote: “Christ Church Meaford must be one of the few churches in the world, outside England, to possess glass from Canterbury Cathedral. Today, with the understandable stress on conservation, it would not, I fear, be possible to obtain the necessary permissions for the export of our glass. You are, therefore, in a unique and fortunate position to be in possession of two items.” (Windows 5 and 6 – the panes shown below)


The cloister window on the right is made entirely of glass from churches in London built by 17th century architect Christopher Wren. This window, while part of the memorial, is the gift of Mr. G. Sherrin of London (architect), who was helpful in gathering glass from many of the churches in London. (Window 6)

Manchester Cathedral stated they had no record of which glass was chosen for donation to the Memorial Windows, and that in the urgency to raise funds to replace the damaged windows with just “white glass”, some of the most intact glass shards had been auctioned off to the public. (Window 4 top – face of Christ is from Manchester Cathedral, and the lower circular design depicting a monk’s blessing is from Chichester Cathedral).


Incidentally, the largest number of shards used in the Memorial Windows came from St. Mary’s, Southampton.

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